Gif contest: participate!

Posted by Anthony Baillard 6 years, 3 months ago

Animated Mario (transiting between two frames)
Would you like to participate in a very special contest? The conditions are not at all complicated!

Just send an animated gif to with the following characteristics:

  • 16x16 pixels
  • Maximum 3 different frames .
  • Each frame can be used several times in any order (eg: frame 1, frame 2, frame 3, frame 2).
  • 16 colors maximum
  • Transparent is considered black (no light)

Deadline: 31 December. And yes, the year ends the same day!

Your gif will be uploaded to the neopixel board in our office, and we'll certainly enjoy having it for 24 hours! In Twitter and in this blog it will live forever to be seen by everybody else, with your signature if you want!

The tweet with the highest number of likes will win ! But what? To be sincere, we don't know yet. It depends on your participation! 

So go and make some pixel-art!



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