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Posted by Anthony Baillard 2 months, 2 weeks ago

AffinMeetOut of Pluto is AffinMeet's graphic and technical partner. Join the crowfunding campaign here.

AffinMeet is a revolutionary platform designed exclusively to facilitate meetings between singles who share deep affinities during dedicated evenings. Based on a unique evening model, AffinMeet offers users an unparalleled opportunity to meet potential partners in a friendly and secure environment. By focusing on the organisation of special events, AffinMeet fosters authentic and meaningful connections between participants, far removed from the constraints and frustrations of traditional dating apps. With features designed specifically for parties, such as messaging between AffinMatches and interactive games, AffinMeet creates an atmosphere conducive to engagement and social interaction, paving the way for long-lasting and fulfilling relationships.

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Link: AffinMeet website (in french)
Link: Crowdfunding page on Ulule (in french)