Stuttering: Modelling poetry, Earth Partition, Figure of Interval, Pulp Off, TransVariation

Physical modeling, computer programming, electronics, counseling, project guidance.
Melik Ohanian, 2014-2016

2014 : Stuttering, Centre Régional d’Arc Contemporain Languedoc-Roussillon (CRAC)
2015 : Stutttering, Galerie Chantal Crousel
2015 : Figure of Interval, Centre d'art contemporain d'Yvernon-les-Bains
2016 : Modelling Poetry, 20ª Bienal de Sídney

View of the exhibition <i>Modelling Poetry</i> at the CRAC Languedoc Roussillon, 2014. © Out of PlutoImage of the pseudoseismograph and the the motion detectors of <i>Earth Partition</i>. @ Out of PlutoExtract form an article on mathematical modelling of galaxies. View of the exhibition <i>Figure of Interval</i> at the CRAC Languedoc Roussillon, 2014. @ Out of Pluto


Out of Pluto has enormously worked in the making of several art pieces for the exhibitions Stuttering and Stutttering from the artist Melik Ohanian, specifically for Modelling poetry, Earth Partition, Figure of Interval, Pulp Off and TransVariation.

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Link: Stutttering in the Galerie Chantal Crousel
Link: Arte documentary on Melik Ohanian and Stutttering (in French)

Modelling poetry

Physical modeling and computer programming


In 2012 NASA announced that the galaxies Andromeda and the Milky Way would collide in a distant future. The artist Melik Ohanian wanted to represent this event in an artistic way, and he asked Out of Pluto to work together.

Out of Pluto created an algorithm of simulation of physical modelling called N-body model, with start parameters representing the galaxies Andromeda and Milky Way. They move closer and closer to each other before colliding. The display uses a huge LED screen: both astronomical objects are projected on the same plan (in the real universe, an angle exists between the two galaxies) and the light displayed is white (galaxies, built by millions of stars, are highly couloured...).

Technologies : Logiciel Processing

Modelling Poetry, video showing a colision simulation made with the algorithm used for the art piece.  © Out of Pluto



Earth Partition, view of the exhibition at the Galerie Chantal Crousel, 2015. © Out of Pluto, courtesy of the artist and the Galerie Chantal Crousel

Earth Partition

Mechanic, electronic and computing concept; building of a pseudoseismograph.


A surreal idea, to represent seismograms interpreted by a mime dancing! That was Melik Ohanian's wish and Out of Pluto designed and built a seismograph that worked as the real instrument while "reading" the danseur movements.

The art piece consists on two synchronised videos that show the actions of the mime and the seismograms they "generated", while the real seismograms that inspired him are also on display.

To obtain this outcome, Out of Pluto made an electronic and mechanic system consisting of two components: motion detectors (accelerometers) worn by the mime and a mechanic arm. The data from the accelerometers are sent via Bluetooth to a servomotor that controls the mechanic arm. It holds a pencil which writes on a sheet of paper that gradually unrolls...

Technologies : Arduino microcontrollers, Bluetooth.

Link: Project explanation in



Figure of Interval

Concept and design


Four clocks with sixty LEDs forming a circle: one lights every second. The cloks run simultaneously but with a quarter cicle gap. The idea is to show, as its name indicates, "a figure of interval".

Out of Pluto built the electronics for the clocks, which are connected among themselves and with an Arduino microcontroler that synchronises them.

Technologies : concept, programming (Arduino), electronics, LED NeoPixels, digital milling machine.

Figure of Interval
Figure of Interval, view of the exhibition at the Centre Contemporain d'Yvernon-les-Bains, 2015.


Pulp Off, vue d'exposition au CRAC Languedoc-RoussillonPulp Off, view of the exhibition at the  CRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, 2014. © Out of Pluto

Pulp off

Computer programming


The book "“Les Mémoires du génocide arménien”, written by Janine Altounian, is at the heart of this art piece. It was not only "pulped" but also scanned. Out of Pluto standardized the resulting files and built a web aplication that makes it possible for the visitor to read the digital book on full screen, and to easily turn the pages with one finger.

Technologies : HTML/CSS/jQuery