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Posted by Anthony Baillard 4 years, 3 months ago

Close-up on the TiXYZ EvyThe Evy is a very nice tool: double 3D extruder, plotter, cutter, laser, CNC and even food syringe!


Long story short

Rather than a speech, we will present the list of notable features of the TiZYX Evy::

  • Multi-function with a very simple head change system.
  • Good value for money (€ 499 with a printing nozzle).
  • Good print quality.
  • Tutorials and good online support, a responsive and friendly team.
  • A very simple Inkscape extension for cutter and plotter tools.
  • A TiZYX whose parts are printed by a TiZYX (RepRap mode)!
  • Rather long assembly, incomplete assembly documentation.
  • Poorly organized resources on the website.
  • French only video tutorials

The first 3D prints in 0.6mm surprised me by their quality. The transition from an Anet A8 to the Evy is a huge improvement. Printing precision, automatic 9-point adjustment of the nozzle height, robustness of the resulting parts ...
The first tests with the cutter and the plotter are very satisfactory as illustrated in the images below.

First print with a 0.6mm nozzle: a transparent MeepleThe Evy with the cutter onFirst try with the cutterFirst try with the DIY plotter

When I bought the printer at the Maker Fair, I only chose two tools: a 0.6mm nozzle and a cutter. After a few days, I also wanted to test the plotter option... With no time to spare and caliper in hand, I used the cutter as a model to make my own tool!


DIY plotter

From the measurements of the cutter, I draw with Tinkercad a support to hold a marker (I do not give the files, TiZYX offers a plotter for 29€ and I am not there to reduce their sales). I print it with my TiZYX obviously and I add two 3mm x 12mm screws in the holes created for this purpose. The tool is ready, I even wrote TiZYX on it! The maximum diameter for the markers is 16mm. To be able to use smaller ones while keeping good stability, I print an additional piece which will allow me to use a diameter of 9mm (it seems relatively standard). To do well, I add a flat for the screws and a blocking of 7mm in diameter on one side of the tube to block the marker in height (see images).

3D model for the plotter using Tinkercad3d model for the adapter using TinkercadThe two parts of the plotterThe plotter tool assembled

Once my pieces are printed, I insert a pen which I hold with the screws and I start the TiZYX with the file that was used for the cutter... and voila! A super clean result in no time.
Here are some examples of results obtained from the plotter module with Inkscape.

The stylized planet JupiterA fashion silhouette

This little experience shows that the TiZYX, with a bit of inspiration, can be used with other tools yet to be invented! Ideas ?


To know more

Link: meeple on thingiverse
Link: Tinkercad, online tool
Link: TiZYX

Result of the cut and pasted stickerWhen plotting Jupiter, before changing pen 


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