Plutino, his life on Earth

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Plutino's voyage.

Plutino’s voyage.
Credits: Out of Pluto

Plutino, the receptionist of Out of Pluto, has done the same trip as the New Horizons probe from NASA… but the other way round. This mission took nine years to travel from the Earth to Pluto. It was launched in 2006, the year that Pluto lost the title of planet to become a “dwarf planet”.  The news travelled to the inhabitants of this little world at light speed (300 000 km/s) and they decided to send an ambassador to the International Astronomic Union (IAU). They wanted to negotiate the immediate readmission, so fast than everybody would forget its short period as a dwarf planet. It would become again the last one of the children song, instead of Neptune.

After he landed, Plutino discovered that the International Astronomical Union (IAU) headquarters are located in France, precisely at the Institute of astrophysics of Paris (IAU). Afterwards he tried to find out which organisms would back him up… ¿Why don’t start trying to neutralize his opponents? He looked up “out” and “pluto” using a search engine and the first result was…. Mmm, also in Paris. Everything seemed to match. He headed towards this organization, not far from the Republic square. Precisely that day there was a recruitment process going on… They needed to fill a receptionist vacancy. What an opportunity to infiltrate the Out of Pluto staff. He was the chosen candidate, the Human Resources guy thought that Plutino was exactly it. For several years now, when he remembers, he acts as a spy.

The frozen canyons of Pluto’s North Pole.
The frozen canyons of Pluto’s North Pole.
Credits: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

He really enjoyed seeing the beautiful images that the New Horizons probe sent back, he has some of them pinned up in his office. He understands perfectly that the probe chose not to come back to Earth, the idea of having to travel billions of kilometers to go back home exhausts him. Anyway, earthlings do not seem to have bad intentions, and in Pluton everything goes on as if nothing had changed.

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