Old formats for new times

Posted by Ignacio Martínez 5 years, 12 months ago

Brownbook magazine, a publication presented at the IAM Weekend.

The Out of Pluto team attended the IAM Week-end, celebrated last April in Barcelona. It dealt with the concept of Internet as a medium and artistic place. There were many digital artists, creative directors, film makers, startuppers, some geeks… and editors of cultural publications. They are not only about art, but they have wonderful design, great images and they are beautifully printed! At least three speakers work for this sector, when its extinction has been predicted over and over again, besides it is a sector that is apparently unrelated to the Internet world… Remarkable.

While we assist impassible to the end of daily newspapers, Steve Watson, director of Stack Magazines, pointed out the growing number of specialized libraries in London and defended the sensorial experience of printed paper (the ink’s smell…) and the paused rhythm that the traditional format imposes upon us: a sort of gourmet lecture.

Are we tired of the ubiquity of the screen, with which we interact without keyboards or remotes? Are we tired of the immediacy and easiness inherent to the new technologies?

It is impossible to avoid comparing this phenomenon to the vinyl resurrection. The demand for this kind of records has been increasing recently. Why? The explanation of this goes beyond being nostalgic or snob, there is one reason linked to the printed press revival: we want to use our senses and take our time. For the same reason that, even if it’s technologically possible, we don’t nourish ourselves with a pill; or we drink wine in wineglasses and not cups; some things deserve a special “format” but, above all, time.

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