Out of Pluto at the Centre Pompidou

Posted by Annia Domènech 7 years ago

<i>Modelling Poetry</i> at the Centre Pompidou. Photography : Anthony Baillard/Out of Pluto

Yesterday night, at the Centre Pompidou, there was the opening of the exhibition « Under Shadows », by the artist Melik Ohanian, Prix Marcel Duchamp 2015. Out of Pluto has played an importal role for the central piece, Modelling Poetry.

The visitor walks into the shadows. In the middle, Andromeda and the Milky Way become closer and closer until their final collision takes place, all of it is shown on a big LED screen. This art piece is inspired by a study from NASA: in 4 billion years’ time these two galaxies will collide. The scientific algorithm behind Modelling Poetry comes from Pluto (Out of Pluto).

On one of the walls, seven photographs mounted into luminous panels are animated for a second each minute: they show the state changes of Caesium 133, the chemical element that defines the second in atomic clocks, actually when it changes from solid to liquid. The pièce, “Portrait of Duration” includes photographs hanging around the room, illuminated by LEDs in a special sequence (Gradient).

Everything here is an art piece, even a little box where we can read TI(M)ES (from the Words series). Everything here is about time, time that goes by, second after second, making at the end the Milky Way kiss Andromeda.

The Association for the International Diffusion of French Art (ADIAF) organizes the Marcel Duchamp Prize in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou. “Under shadows” can be visited at the Centre Pompidou from 01/06 to 15/08/2016.

More information:
Stuttering : Modelling poetry, Earth Partition, Figure of Interval, Pulp Off, TransVariation
Melik Ohanian, Under Shadows (in French)


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